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Time of Your Life Nutraceuticals produces gender specific dietary supplements for PMS and menopause.

The Company's dietary supplements for menopause and PMS are sold under the trade name Lydia's Secret as natural alternatives to OTC (Over The Counter) PMS products, and as an alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) during and after the perimenopause.

Dietary supplements are comprised primarily of single and multi herb formulas, with and without vitamins and minerals.

Sold and distributed through direct marketing and distribution channels under the Lydia's Secret trade name, our products are based on the original Lydia E. Pinkham formula, used safely by women for over 100 years.

Clinical Studies.

Clinical studies are expensive, therefore, most manufacturers of dietary supplement can not afford to conduct them. Dietary supplement manufacturers are also reluctant to utilize their financial resources for clinical studies, because it is difficult to prevent others from capitalizing on the data produced from clinical studies based on products that can not be patented.

Online Communities.

The Internet provides a new and exciting tool to establish, support and maintain such an online initiative. LydiaPinkham.org was established to promote and support that potential.

The Original Lydia E. Pinkham Herbal Formula

The original Lydia E. Pinkham herbal formula can be purchased online at Health Care Express.

Officers and Directors
Time of Your Life, Inc.

Richard L. Fortner - Chairman - President
Andrea Cataneo - Secretary Treasurer
Dr. Scott Gerson - Director