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The Lydia E. Pinkham® story 

QuoteYesterday and Today - For over 100 years women have used this herbal formula...Unquote

1875, Lynn, Massachusetts - - Lydia E. Pinkham begins selling an herbal formula for women. Today, over 100 years later, Lydia's formula, with some changes, has been used by millions of women.


By all accounts, Lydia E. Pinkham was a pioneer who championed open dialogue on women's health and sex rights. Lydia held meetings, advertised, wrote books and openly defied conventional male dominated wisdom. Her company employed a group of women to answer letters written by women asking for advice on health, sex and marital relationships. Lydia Pinkham was the Ann Landers and Dr. Ruth of the 1800's.


Lydia E. Pinkham (1819-1883) was a member of the Eclectic movement. The Eclectics believed in maintaining good health through diet and the use of herbs. This was extremely important in the 1800s, when doctors were feared more than revered.

Many of the lifestyle recommendations supported by the Eclectics are the same as those now recommended for today's modern woman. Their influence was so great, it has been purported that American doctors formed the AMA in the mid 1800s to counter their growing influence.


Available as a PMS formula - Lydia's Secret, based on the original Lydia E. Pinkham herbal formula, - contains vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc. Lydia's Secret contains Black cohosh in the amount recommended by the German Commission E, which has recognized Black cohosh for its ability to help support and maintain good health for women during menstruation.


Comming soon, Lydia's Secret for menopause, a Dietary Supplement based on the original Lydia E. Pinkham formula. An alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with standardized Black cohosh, vitamins, and minerals.




Time of Your Life, Inc., enters into licensing agreement to produce LYDIA'S SECRETTM




Today's experts agree! Proper nutrition combined with regular, moderate exercise - - can have a major impact on your health prior to and after menopause





During the 1800's medical practitioners used potions laced with mercury, oft-times hastening patients to their death.




Lydia's Secret - for today's woman...

based on the original Lydia E. Pinkham formula.

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