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PMS - - With all the technology and expertise of modern medicine, there are still no standards by which today's doctors diagnose or treat PMS.

Marion Winik, a commentator for National Public Radio, probably came up with one of the best definitions for PMS, when she explained PMS as that - -

"Hypersensitive, Irritable, Molehill-into-Mount-Everest, Edge-of-Despair, Nothing-and-No-One-Can-Please-Me-Now feeling"

"Feeling angry, weepy, bloated, ugly, greasy, slothful, jittery, itchy and raw all at the same time."

Not much has changed since Lydia E. Pinkham made the first commercially produced herbal supplement for women over 100 years ago. What has changed is that black cohosh, one of the herbs used in her formula, has now been confirmed by modern science as effective in helping women manage the hormone shifts that give rise to the feelings described above.

This herb is still not well known or understood by many of today's doctors, yet it is widely used in Germany. Most modern day proponents of supplement use are familiar with this herb and recommend a multi-herb formula like Lydia's original formula for women who would like to use it as an alternative to over the counter pain medication, doctor prescribed pharmaceutical products and narcotics.

Whether you use an herbal supplement or over the counter drugs, you should have a health care practitioner that emphasizes a healthy diet (proper nutrition) combined with some type of regular exercise program. Lydia had it right back in 1875 when she began producing her supplement in her kitchen and publishing books that advocated good nutrition. Since then millions of women have safely used her product with success, her vision was right on the mark.

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