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Menopause - - You will not find a lengthy description of menopause here. There are many excellent resources on the web providing this information. Instead, our focus will be on how to maintain optimum health through nutrition, lifestyle modification, the use of dietary supplements and other therapies to manage PMS and menopause.

We also plan to investigate the impact of menopause on sleep and how this issue may be affecting millions of women.

It appears some women think this problem is an early indication of Alzheimer's disease. Many women do not tell their significant other or even their doctor about this problem because the problem is not easy to describe, yet they know something isn't right. Another symptom of sleep deprivation is short term memory loss (an increase in forgetfulness).

There is increasing evidence these feelings may have a definitive cause and effect relationship. They may be related to chronic fatigue, caused by long term disruption in sleep patterns as hormone levels begin to shift during perimenopause. Furthermore, some women may begin to experience hormone changes in their mid 30s, making them susceptible to this problem at a time when they aren't aware of what may be happening to them.

For a listing of Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement products used for menopause follow this link.

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